Our services

We cooperate with our clients from following economic sectors:

  • raw material industry
  • waste industry
  • food industry
  • plastics industry
  • mechanical engineering industry
  • medical industry
  • chemical industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • processing industry


We offer following services in the range of sales agencies:

  • acquisition for German, European and Russian costumers
  • market analysis – development of the Russian and Persian markets
  • management consultancy – www.simonyan-unternehmensberatung.de
  • minimising risk and risk governance (risk management)
  • technical translations – www.simonyan-uebersetzungen.de
  • Preparation of your products for the Russian and Persian markets
  • participating at different trade fairs on site
  • further support step in expanding for manufacturers – www.simonyan-immobilien.de
  • structural development and local sales
  • sales advice of different types of technical projects on site – www.simonyan-company.com
  • foundation of joint ventures based on mutual cooperative and trusting collaboration